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Taylor B.
Office Manager

I’ve been practicing general dentistry for more than 6 years now and I always knew I wanted to own my own practice. I also knew that I needed time to grow in the profession and learn as much as possible prior to taking on such a huge responsibility. I welcomed the moment of transition from associate to practice owner in 2016 when I left my then corporate dental associate position for another associate position in a private office. At the time, I needed to sustain my income while I planned my exit to practice ownership. What I really needed was an extension of myself, someone to keep me on track, and complete all the necessary tasks required in starting up a practice. And I choose a Start-UP because I wanted to create my own brand, my own identity, the freedom to create the office culture in which I would thrive, and the control to create something good for dentistry. 

After meeting with Matt Veatch over coffee and discussing my dental career goals, I had decided that his company would be the perfect extension I needed to get this plan off the ground. He made all the connections and I completed the deals. The structure his consultant company provided allowed me to be as hands-on as I wanted to be while also allowing me to maintain my associateship income. The workload involved in creating a Start-UP Dental practice is overwhelming. Nothing about it is easy and I can honestly admit that it was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. But Veatch consulting was always a reassuring voice and strong support through the entire process. 

Kelly Brantley and Alex Shields are fantastic! My hope is that they found working with me as enjoyable and I found it to be working with them. I loved how responsive they were with my questions and concerns. How proactive they both were with dates and timelines. How firm they were with getting things done! I love having a strong team behind me. It motivates me to perform at my highest level. I would recommend Veatch consulting just off of the work ethic of Alex and Kelly alone.  Thank you Veatch Consulting for all that you have done! I’m eternally grateful!

Candace Brown DDS
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